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HFW’s Mexican chorizo: a dream storecupboard ingredient

Once upon a time chorizo came cured and in slices. It was something you had on toast for a tapa and struggled to pronounce. Then, a few years ago, a new form of chorizo appeared on our shores: a cooking … Continue reading

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Summer avocado pre-dinner treat

Do you ever have those days when you come home, head straight into the kitchen and you’re just too hungry to even think about making anything dinner-like; you have to eat NOW? I have them all the time and usually … Continue reading

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Fast ‘preserved’ lemon zest and a five-minute gnocchi dish

A little preserved lemon is a wonderful thing, especially in anything vaguely North African. But they are very expensive (a jar of about 10 will, for example, cost you about a fiver in Waitrose or slightly more in Sainsbury’s) and, if … Continue reading

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The Cook Shelf: Odd Bits and pork rillons

Pork belly, as far as I am concerned, is one of the most interesting meats to cook. I am partial to a nice blue steak, preferably a French pavé cut served with a slab of melting Roquefort and some really … Continue reading

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Smitten Kitchen’s Fried Egg Sandwich…Make Two

There are some recipes for which I am eternally grateful. The chocolate mousse one that I learnt in France, the tip for a perfect roast chicken, the cheese soufflé that I never get sick of. I have a small collection … Continue reading

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Parisian pleasures

I am off to Paris. Now, in many people’s eyes, Paris is home to some of the greatest food and restaurants in the world but, these days, I think it’s less impressive than it once was. Whereas as a teenager … Continue reading

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Tiny kitchens and a tiny recipe

I have lived in many many places but only twice have I lived in places with really large kitchens. One of them was big enough to waltz around: the butcher’s block looked like a toy in the middle of the … Continue reading

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