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I’m a freelance editor who works mostly on food and drink books. I live in London, love my vintage Beetle, my cats, and singing. Oh and cooking. I’m quite fond of cooking. As my Twitter profile will tell you I’m happiest in my kitchen, wearing an apron and wielding a knife… Just don’t come near me with any beetroot.

Me, in Paris, 2012.


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  1. Just wondering if you ever had Boeuf en daube after sailing “To the Lighthouse” on the Eastern Shore of Maryland (US)?
    From Mrs. Ramsey, aka, Maureen Richter Lucas, graduate of UMBC

    • Louise says:

      Hi Maureen! How are you? Still on the Eastern Shore then? Still sailing? I can remember that boat trip so well…I remember feeling very unwell (I am not the world’s best sailor!).

      No, I have never made a boeuf en daube, probably because it takes too long!

      Hope all’s well with you,


      • joolsf says:

        Hi Louise
        Found your blog whilst searching for Peter Gordons Egg and Butternut Squash recipe.
        Had the pleasure of cooking with him ona course in Dubai a few weeks ago and have always been a big fan of his restaurants in London.Like you I spend most of my time thinking of food and Peters recipes can satisfy the majority of my spontaneous cravings that pop into my head from no where and then dominate my every thought until its home time and I can nip to the shop and buy the ingredients I need for supper.

      • Louise says:

        Love a bit of Peter; I am overdue for something else of his.

      • jools says:

        thought of you the other day.
        Several years ago I was lucky enough to do a cooking lesson in Dubai ( where I live) with Peter Gordon. his butternut squash and eggs recipre remains one of my favorites. I went to the uk over the new year and as always made a point of eating in one of his places ( Kopapa). Unbelievably he sat down next to me with a few friends so of course I asked for the obligatory photos and as always he cheerfully obliged.

      • Louise says:

        Oh that’s a fab story! I am a real fan of his. He’s now started making doughnuts (called Crosstown doughnuts) and I can’t wait to try one…

  2. Joe Cannon says:

    Hi Louise – got your details from Nicola at the Media Trust – says you might be interested to chat about our food/poetry event We Eat Poets! – drop me a line? Joe

  3. Hi Louise good to hear from you and glad to give you some recommendations which I and my customers have found enjoyable and uplifting during the current hosepipe weather. Here are a few starting with a great Pink Moscato called Innocent Bystander 2011 from Aus (importantly only 5.5% alcohol!). Even wine critics seem to agree.”Sherbert-sweet grapey froth, this is great fun – a bottle belongs in every fridge in the land! Pour it liberally while serving the first fresh strawberries of the season and at least one of your guests will swiftly be lunging to give you a generous hug, kiss or tickle”. Daily Mail Weekend Magazine, Olly Smith.

    I had to open a bottle on reading this again and it really does deliver-just plain fun in a bottle.

    It is on promo my site http://www.staggeringwines.co.uk at £5.99/half bt with no delivery charge for ordering 6 or more bts.

    Another favourite with the ladies has been a Brachetto D’acqui 2011 from Conterno (on promo at £8.99/half bt) an amazing red sparkling wine .A delightful, lightly sparkling red from Piemonte. It is a light, frothing cherry pink in colour, with fresh, rose petal and Turkish delight perfumes on the nose. On the palate, it has a sweet, fresh mousse. This is absolutely a wine to drink to make you feel happy whilst reading reading a good book!

    I also like a recommend an excellent New World Pinot Noir from Wild South again only £9.99/bt which bats way above this price point. The wine has had rave reviews including…BEST RED WINE BUY OF THE YEAR Wild South Marlborough Pinot Noir 2010 A delicious drink-young style, this is a generous, sweet-fruited red, ruby-hued, with good depth of cherryish, plummy flavour, ripe and smooth.

    I am doing a lot of cooking at present and will so can pass on food and wine matching successes if of interest?


  4. yagaberry says:

    Hi Louise,
    I enjoy reading your blog and I wonder how you are? How is life? I took courage again to ping you. I know, I have not been in touch earlier and I apologize. Time flies and I had lot to do to sort my head and life after divorcing H. and leaving UK. It was much more to it then one might think. I am now in Bratislava since 2006 and with my partner Bo living in Austria near Vienna a working in his company (enprovia) in Bratislava. Well, I only hope you are not going to be mad at me contacting you via your blog and I hope you would like to say hi again. I do miss you…
    I am wishing you a very nice day.
    Kristina Nessl

    • Louise says:

      Hi Kristina,

      How sweet of you to write. I don’t think I’d logged that it was you. Life is good though too long for a comment. Still in London, still in publishing, still eating and cooking like mad! You still making lovely food? Glad that you are happy and settled too; sounds like you have everything as you want it and good for you for rebuilding after such a hard time.


      • yagaberry says:

        Hi Louise,
        I am happy you dropped a line 🙂 I have now more then I ever imagined is possible or ever wanted 🙂 and I am cooking more and more…. trying to establish some fine private dining experience around Vienna – as private cook + started to make cakes too…. not a big business yet, but I cook fancy dinners of 5 courses about every 2-3 months 🙂 can we rather write few notes to each other via email pls? 🙂 my email and bit of info that needs to be changed is on my website yagaberry.com (do not want to write it here 🙂 )
        write you more then…
        wish you a very nice Monday 🙂

  5. Alice Saunders says:

    Hi Louise
    I just wanted to say thanks for writing. I always enjoy your posts and look forward to WTF updates arriving in my inbox, I just need to take the next step and actually cook something…
    Best, Alice

    • Louise says:

      Hi Alice,

      Very nice to hear from you and thank you for your comment. It’s always good to know that I’m being read! Now, how can I persuade you to cook something…?!



  6. Sacha says:

    Hi Louise, thanks for doing you bit in the shed yesterday. Now you’re a Jamonista. Perhaps we’ll come across each other again today. Sacha. ps I even remembered your address in my head, without having to decipher your scribble. How unlikely was that ?

    • Louise says:

      Thank you for teaching me; it was a blast. Keep me posted on your whereabouts and wine website; I am nothing if not a hispanophile!

  7. do try these at home says:

    You have a very lively writing style, and I can’t wait to try out some of your recipes! Great stuff.

  8. vpark3 says:

    Hi just to let you know that I have nominated you for a blog award 🙂

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