Summer avocado pre-dinner treat

Do you ever have those days when you come home, head straight into the kitchen and you’re just too hungry to even think about making anything dinner-like; you have to eat NOW? I have them all the time and usually I end up eating a piece of toast, a lump of cheese or, erm, a handful of Haribo. The problem is that I am then no longer hungry, I put off cooking anything and end up eating far too late. Recently, though, I found a really fast, glorious and seasonal solution to this need for a ‘little something that is just enough but not too much’: avocado with sea salt and fresh lime juice. 

The idea comes from the spring edition of Sweet Paul magazine and I have been meaning to try it for ages. It’s beautifully simple and kicks away all notions of dressing an avocado with anything but the lightest of touches: slice a ripe avocado, sprinkle on some sea salt flakes and then squeeze over some lime juice (about a quarter of lime for every half avocado is about right). I couldn’t quite believe how gorgeous it tastes, like guacamole but better somehow. If it was sunny it would be perfect as an accompaniment for a post-work margarita. It is not, of course, sunny (what did you expect, eh, it’s only, er, June…) but, so what, I’m going to have a margarita with some of this anyway.

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