A Daily Solution to an Eternal Problem

Staring at the endless packets of meat in the supermarket the other night, I noticed a couple of young women shopping. They were moving up and down the aisle as if the supermarket was a form of torture and, having thrown some chicken rather violently into their trolley, one of them stopped. ‘We still haven’t got anything for tonight though,’ she said to her friend, ‘but I’m not sure I can be bothered. I just feel like going to McDonald’s.’

I knew exactly how she felt. Although I’m an avid cook and foodie, after an hour’s commute, and a nine-hour day, I never feel particularly inspired to cook anything interesting. And, despite owning shelves of cookery books, when I’m standing in the supermarket I usually feel spoilt for choice but short of imagination. So I decided to create a site where I can always find a recipe, or at least an idea, for everyday Monday-to-Friday food. From now on, I’m going to post a recipe five days a week so that, by May 2012, I’ll have one for every working day of the year. Whether mine or someone else’s, they will be recipes that are simple, seasonal and fast, use easy-to-find ingredients and use as few as possible because if I wanted to practise heavy lifting on the way home I’d go to a gym.

Hopefully, I can save a few people from that moment of existential crisis in an aisle full of dismembered animals. If not, well the golden arches await.

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10 Responses to A Daily Solution to an Eternal Problem

  1. uforicfood says:

    Such a great idea! I know I use my own blog in the supermarket isles as inspiration. It’s fabulous.
    Good luck with your challenge – I look forward to following you along the way!
    Feel free to check out my blog – I’d love to do a guest post sometime if you see a recipe on there you like – I pride myself on the fast and simple πŸ™‚

  2. uforicfood says:

    Sounds great Louise – yes, based in Australia, near Melbourne (a place called Geelong). Whereabout are you?

    • Louise says:

      North London in England. Hence posts about our spring arriving, which will seem weird to you since you’re heading towards winter!

      • uforicfood says:

        You get used to it when you read so much content from people who live overseas πŸ™‚ Summer around July is such a strange concept to me – but I would love to experience a Christmas where it is actually cold – or even snowing!

      • Louise says:

        Summer seems to have arrived in London early; the weather is amazing!

  3. Jane Moore says:


    I love most of all the fact that Louise has road tested her recipes. They are largely quick and simple and they work.

  4. James Kidd says:

    What a great idea. If only you could come and cook the recipes for me. If there was ever a cook who could mess up the simplest meal, I am that cook!!!! But marvellous notion. I will try you out this evening. I like the idea of chicken and sherry – together they must be amazing.

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