I should be blogging about beef stew…

…you know, the one I wanted to make with star anise? Well, I made it, ate it, adapted all my recipe ingredients for two, wrote all my notes ready for the blog and then, erm, I spent two days in bed with some stomach bug. I don’t think it was the stew, since I already felt a bit rubbish before I started cooking but do you know, although it was nice, it will be forever associated with illness which means it’s not going on the blog. In fact, right now, as I contemplate yet another bowl of plain, unseasoned steamed rice I hope I never see or taste a beef stew ever again. Give me tagine, pot au feu, any other foreign concoction that is a stew by any other name but not this. Forgive me stew-lovers but stew is now dead to me. As is most food. I hope to manage some soup later and to be back full of the joys of eating by tomorrow. And to think people pay for this sort of detox…

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