BurgerTuesday at Andrew’s

I have had a few problems remembering days and dates this week and so, now that it’s Thursday 30th, I’ve just noticed that Wednesday 29th’s blog was inadvertently scheduled for Thurs…I thought Weds was the 30th for some reason. Anyway, it’s here now and apologies for the delay…

Okay, I know, I’m breaking all my rules. This is the second blog post in a row that talks about food but doesn’t actually provide a recipe but I just had to tell you about my first ‘pop-up’ experience. I went to the BurgerMonday BurgerMat Tuesday edition last night and, oh my, if you’re a fan of good burgers (rather than the thin and overcooked offerings that abound in our fair city) then you will love BurgerMonday (even if it’s on a Tuesday…). Organised by young and foodish, BurgerMonday is the perfect way to experience fabulous food with fellow food obsessives whilst feeling incredibly excited that, for once, you have managed to wangle tickets to one of London’s most sought-after events.

We were attending the overspill (since, obviously, the original BurgerMonday took place the day before), which meant that we had a slimmed down and slightly cheaper version. But that still meant great beer (BrewDog), twice-fried chips, some excellent brownies and a blondie and, oh yes, a fab burger. All in the perfect surroundings of one of the best greasy spoons in London (which, of course, has no website so there’s no link).

I’m not an expert unlike young and foodish or Burgerac, the organiser of the accompanying and rather brilliant art show, but so much thought had gone into making what is, in some hands, just a steak sandwich that it was unforgettable. The bun was brioche, from Miller’s Bespoke Bakery, which (who knew?!) has just the right combination of soft breadiness and firm crust to hold everything together. The cheese was Bermondsey Frier (watch it being made here) which tastes like halloumi but in fact, as the name suggests, comes from SE1 and the salad was something that Daniel Young (the eponymous creator of young and foodish) called ‘iceberg slaw’: shredded iceberg (great for texture but not taste) is given, well, taste, by being mixed with a dressing made with Dijon mustard and mayonnaise.

The whole thing was cooked by Fred Smith, who I’ve never heard of but is head chef here. West London is officially a social no-go area for me (too flat, too rich, too dull) but I might have to make an exception for another one of his burgers…apparently they age the beef in-house. In London! So not only have I found a great new cheese and dairy to try, a new restaurant to visit and an idea for what else to do with brioche other than slather it in butter, but everything is a bus ride away. I can’t wait to try that cheese grilled with some lamb or in a salad. And, thanks to some very clever booking, I’m going to try another BurgerMonday next week and this time it’s actually on the eponymous day. I am officially a very happy bunny.

Recipes will return tomorrow; promise!

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