The Summer Wardrobe: rosé port and tonic

A couple of years ago, I wrote a few posts about the recipes that were on repeat all summer long, the things that I just kept coming back to. This year, thanks to weeks of glorious sunshine, I already have several contenders (I wrote about one, the no-churn ice cream, last month), so I thought I’d make another list of perfect summer staples.

Let’s start with a drink. Yes, there is rosé, excellent rosé, like Bijou from Waitrose and Duo des Plages from The Wine Society but the aperitif-on-a-Friday-evening favourite this year is a glass of port and tonic. It may sound a bit 70s, and perhaps it is, but a trip to the lovely Bar Douro last year started me off on the combination and it’s even better with rosé port instead of white. Looks like we have lots more sunshine to come so invest in a bottle of Offley Rosé Porto and mix it like a gin and tonic. Saúde!

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