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The Summer Wardrobe: rosé port and tonic

A couple of years ago, I wrote a few posts about the recipes that were on repeat all summer long, the things that I just kept coming back to. This year, thanks to weeks of glorious sunshine, I already have … Continue reading

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Bavette: not just for the French

A menu fixe steak-frites, usually preceded by salade de chèvre chaud and followed by mousse au chocolat, is probably one of many people’s first experiences of eating out in France. The steak, in most instances, is often bavette, or onglet (more of … Continue reading

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How to feel rich for a quid: avocado toast

Once upon a time, as a student and beyond, I used to eat a lot of avocado and mayonnaise sandwiches. They were cheap, delicious and very easy. Several decades later, avocado on toast is a ubiquity and costs around £4 … Continue reading

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Frugal February

January, it seems, is not quite long enough. At least not long enough for me to share all the frugal tips that I seem to be learning. Focusing on my store cupboard, on what I have rather than what I … Continue reading

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Fast ‘preserved’ lemon zest and a five-minute gnocchi dish

A little preserved lemon is a wonderful thing, especially in anything vaguely North African. But they are very expensive (a jar of about 10 will, for example, cost you about a fiver in Waitrose or slightly more in Sainsbury’s) and, if … Continue reading

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Something for the weekend…a little glass of red perhaps?

A friend of mine once described the internet as a library with all the books thrown on the floor; finding what you need or want in those circumstances can be impossible. But then sometimes, in the muddle, you find something … Continue reading

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…Want Not: gnocchi with butternut squash, caramelised onion, blue cheese and cream

I was all ready to do some moules marinières with cream and cider tonight (see, see what I did there…) and then, ha, Waitrose had sold out of mussels. Now, I know I live in Islington but we’re talking N7 here, … Continue reading

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Chicken Caesar salad recipe

On day two of the fridge-emptying exercise I decided to use up the roasted chicken. Whereas a packet of feta will last a lifetime, or near as dammit, a rotisserie bird, even from a reliable supermarket like Waitrose, isn’t quite … Continue reading

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