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…Want Not: gnocchi with butternut squash, caramelised onion, blue cheese and cream

I was all ready to do some moules marini√®res with cream and cider¬†tonight (see, see what I did there…) and then, ha, Waitrose had sold out of mussels. Now, I know I live in Islington but we’re talking N7 here, … Continue reading

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Peter Gordon’s gnocchi with feta and tomato sauce

Salad was my plan today, or something about how to build one with different elements. But oh my, the weather; if it rains much more I think the colour might be washed out of the sky for good. I’m sitting … Continue reading

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Cauliflower (or broccoli) with bagna cauda and chilli

Yes, yes I know, two posts about cauliflower in a week is too much for anyone. But it’s staring at me from the fridge, it needs eating and, having thrown a rather ridiculously large piece of watermelon away I’m loath … Continue reading

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Gnocchi with olive oil, garlic and red chilli

Anyone who has a small, under-the-counter, larder fridge will recognise the problem: there comes a point when you just have to eat what’s in it so that you can defrost it. The negative side of such a small fridge is … Continue reading

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