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The Joys of Spain: almendras, tortillas y unas copitas

Recently someone asked me for restaurant recommendations in AndalucĂ­a, where I lived for three months in 2009. I had to admit that I had very few, mainly because why, in a land that entertains standing up, not sitting down, at … Continue reading

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WTF Do I Drink Tonight: Fizz and Fab Nuts

A couple of weeks ago Stella and I ran our second wine-tasting. This time we were trying lots of non-Champagne fizz from the sort of wine countries I usually hate, or can’t afford (New Zealand was in there twice, as … Continue reading

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WTF Do I Drink Tonight…craft beer, if you have any sense

A long long time ago, in a galaxy far away I worked in a microbrew pub in Paris. It was probably the worst eight months of my life and, although that’s more my fault than Paris’s or the pub’s, I … Continue reading

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Champagne, cheesy biscuits and celebrating

I am celebrating. The bathroom is done-ish, I have some more work when the landscape was looking distinctly bare and I have just made peace with my oldest friend in the world, probably one of the few people, bar my … Continue reading

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Something for the weekend…a little glass of red perhaps?

A friend of mine once described the internet as a library with all the books thrown on the floor; finding what you need or want in those circumstances can be impossible. But then sometimes, in the muddle, you find something … Continue reading

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Waste not…

Yesterday’s recipe got me thinking about using stuff up again, especially since I’ve reached the point where I have more leftovers in the fridge than enticing new prospects. This month’s include the rest of the bottle of cider I opened … Continue reading

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WTF Do I Drink Tonight?: matching wine and cheese

Everyone has their odd food likes and dislikes. I can’t bear jam, or anything sweet or sticky, on toast but for some reason jam filling in cakes and honey baked in something savoury doesn’t bother me. I love corn on … Continue reading

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