Christmas begins…

Today has been a day devoted to food. I am spending Christmas with friends, so I thought I’d better make some contributions. First I soaked fruit for the second Dundee cake of the week (Delia’s), made mince pies (Delia’s mincemeat; Dan Lepard’s sweet shortcrust pastry) then croquants (Dorie Greenspan) to use up the egg whites left over from the pastry. This was followed by my first ever attempts at a) gravadlax (Simon Hopkinson’s), b) an Alsatian kugelhopf (back of a French postcard; I fear this is not going to be a success) and c) malted vinegar rye bread (Dan Lepard again) to eat with the gravadlax. I cooked from 3pm to 8.30 when I realised that I had run out of yeast for the malted rye bread and went in search of it.

En route to the supermarket I thought about WTF to eat tonight, since I hadn’t actually eaten since breakfast and contemplated a baked potato with this pesto (HFW), or a rather tempting and as-yet-untried spicy Vietnamese soup (Dorie again). But by the time I reached the supermarket (all of a five-minute walk) and even though it was, unlike five hours earlier, completely empty, I was suddenly too weary to do any more cooking. On the way to the baking aisle I spotted a tin of beans and all thoughts of anything more complicated flew out of my head. I wanted beans on toast, with a big splodge of mayonnaise and lots of black pepper. And do you know what? They were bloody delicious. Happy Christmas all!

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  1. Mateusz says:

    Hi there. I googled best chtcolaoe chip cookie recipe, or something similar and came across several recipes. Yours looked the closest to what I wanted. There’s a bakery in town that makes the best chtcolaoe chip walnut cookies. They’re slightly dry-chewy-crunchy on the outside and moist-chewy-chtcolaoey on the inside with at least a walnut bite every other bite So I followed your recipe pretty close, just adding some walnuts and maybe a little less chtcolaoe chips. Also, I didn’t have baking soda and felt ashamed to substitute a larger portion of baking powder. I do not own a mixer so I improvised doing it all by hand. I kept the butter a little colder but it probably is best to do this with a mixer. Despite the inconsistencies, Wow!!! I was not dissapointed. I just ate 2 and a half with a glass of milk. After writing this comment, they’ll have cooled the proper amount of time. I think I’ll go have another right now. Thank you for sharing!

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