How to feel rich for a quid: mangoes and granola

This is a post which is, I apologise, very much aimed at my city-dwelling friends. Because, for this to make (financial) sense, you need to live somewhere where there are ‘bowl men’ (and they are always men): on every street corner near my flat you will find tables covered in plastic bowls, filled with fruit and vegetables, every one being sold for a pound. Amongst the over-priced carrots and potatoes, you can often find three or four mangoes and I, for one, feel complete joy carrying home one of those thin plastic bags heavy with such a weight.

The next morning, I’ll peel and chop half a mango, top it with this granola and a spoonful or two of Greek yogurt and, honestly, could not want for anything more. I start the day feeling like I’ve had the best hotel breakfast, for almost nothing.

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