The first asparagus: how do you eat yours?

It’s here! The first English asparagus, the best vegetable on the planet as far as I am concerned and, alas, a very short-lived one. I spotted some on sale as I walked home and all thoughts of the butternut squash I was planning to cook disappeared. I then proceeded to exhaust myself thinking of all the possible ways to cook it; a risotto came to mind, then a tart, then trying to make a hollandaise at last…but then I stopped. On its first outing of the year, I decided against anything complicated. I steamed it with butter then dipped the spears into some soft-boiled eggs. Spring on a plate.

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2 Responses to The first asparagus: how do you eat yours?

  1. Claire Connolly says:

    None here in Wales! Went to farmers’ market yesterday and had to make do with some muddy leeks 😦

    • Louise says:

      Now that is very disappointing, especially when you are so close to Evesham. Tons of it here but still a tad expensive for now.

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