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Erm…look what I’ve got!

A business card, with the most beautiful typography. Thank you Mr David Pearson; I love it.

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Something for the weekend…a little glass of red perhaps?

A friend of mine once described the internet as a library with all the books thrown on the floor; finding what you need or want in those circumstances can be impossible. But then sometimes, in the muddle, you find something … Continue reading

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The easiest after-work duck with a yummy watercress, black olive and orange salad

I have been caught out by the change in the weather; whilst outside it is steaming hot and more summer than spring, I still have blogs about parsnip latkes to write. And, however excited I am by the change in … Continue reading

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Delia’s moussaka…no, no don’t go. You want this recipe, honest!

My very first recipe book was The Pooh Cook Book, which I got when I was 11. My name, address and school form (1P2 if you were wondering) are written in blue ink inside the front cover but otherwise the … Continue reading

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Salmon with butter sauce…or is that beurre blanc?

It’s Friday, tomorrow is St Patrick’s Day and I was inspired by both of those things to cook this Darina Allen recipe, as spotted in the Guardian. Now, she calls the sauce ‘Irish butter sauce’ but, personally, I don’t think … Continue reading

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A little aside: what’s Jean-Marie Le Pen’s favourite food?

You might think, since he is the founder and former president of the Front National and therefore committed to all things ‘naturally’ and ‘intrinsically’ French, that Monsieur Le Pen would also be a committed boeuf bourguignon or bouillabaisse kind of … Continue reading

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Smoked sardine crostini

A completely new ingredient, at least in your own country, is a rarity. So I was delighted to discover smoked sardine fillets in M and S last week. I had no idea what to do with them but, since I … Continue reading

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Smitten Kitchen’s Fried Egg Sandwich…Make Two

There are some recipes for which I am eternally grateful. The chocolate mousse one that I learnt in France, the tip for a perfect roast chicken, the cheese soufflĂ© that I never get sick of. I have a small collection … Continue reading

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