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Warm salads for cold days: black pudding, caramelised apple and walnut

Defeated by this weather, I am yet again struggling to move into ‘spring’ food mode. I had a baked potato this week ffs! I haven’t had one of those all winter but this endless rain just sent me into a … Continue reading

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Turning a dullard into a diva: a pork chop transformed

Pork chops; not very exciting are they? Now, a lamb chop, even when it is simply grilled is a thing of beauty already but then throw in some feta, lemon and thyme and, well, it is completely wonderful. It helps … Continue reading

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Peter Gordon’s roasted butternut squash with chilli butter and poached eggs

Already dismissed this as some hippy-dip-shit student food which you wouldn’t deign to eat? Ah, don’t be misled. The Antipodeans know how to do brunch (try Lantana or Granger & Co if you don’t believe me) and brunch dishes, as far … Continue reading

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The first asparagus: how do you eat yours?

It’s here! The first English asparagus, the best vegetable on the planet as far as I am concerned and, alas, a very short-lived one. I spotted some on sale as I walked home and all thoughts of the butternut squash … Continue reading

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Fast ‘preserved’ lemon zest and a five-minute gnocchi dish

A little preserved lemon is a wonderful thing, especially in anything vaguely North African. But they are very expensive (a jar of about 10 will, for example, cost you about a fiver in Waitrose or slightly more in Sainsbury’s) and, if … Continue reading

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A perfect foodie Saturday: Maltby St market, Monmouth coffee and Catalan treats

London foodieness can be a tad exhausting. The best places to eat take months to get into, the newest places don’t take reservations and keeping up with what’s hot and where to go often makes me want to retreat to … Continue reading

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The Cook Shelf: Odd Bits and pork rillons

Pork belly, as far as I am concerned, is one of the most interesting meats to cook. I am partial to a nice blue steak, preferably a French pavé cut served with a slab of melting Roquefort and some really … Continue reading

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Ottolenghi’s burnt aubergine dip

It was summer last week, or at least it felt like it till the sun went down. I was in short sleeves, sandals, my coat thrown jauntily across my arms. Today, however, in the self-same outfit, I felt rather foolish … Continue reading

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