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Poached Asian duck…bloody marvellous and easy peasy

Poaching is now officially one of my favourite ways to cook meat. Chicken and pork come out beautifully juicy, without a trace of overdoneness and now, ha, this recipe shows how wonderful duck can be cooked in the same way. … Continue reading

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An amazing leek and Parmesan soup

What lingers in your fridge? What are the foodstuffs that you either a) always have too much of and/or b) hang on to because it/they will, of course come in handy at some point? I am guilty of always having … Continue reading

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Baked onions with cream and Parmesan

One of the quickest, and to be fair yummiest, dinners on the planet has to involve buying a ready-roasted chicken from the supermarket rotisserie and eating it with some salad. But, although that’s fine in the summer, in the winter, … Continue reading

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Roasted tomato and asparagus with basil purée, Parmesan and bacon

June 2011, apparently, has been colder than March. Which means that sometimes though salad seems more seasonal, soup starts to look vaguely attractive. Last night I had it all planned: my friend was coming to stay, I’d got lots of … Continue reading

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