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The first soup of the winter: romanesco and cheese

I do love cold weather, or at least I do love it when it’s still a novelty, when all the fabulous autumn ingredients fill my head with possible recipes. I love the abundance of different squash, cabbages and apples, I … Continue reading

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Fast Festive Treats, including Deserve-To-Be-Famous Rarebit Puffs

It’s that time of year, the time when you can’t move for cocktail sausages, smoked stuff on blinis and small, overpriced battered things in boxes of 12. But there is another way, a homemade way and although you may scream … Continue reading

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Improving sausages and mash

Sometimes, in fact a lot of the time in my case, all we want when we get home is something familiar, something that requires very little thought and yet is immensely pleasing. For me, in the winter, that often means … Continue reading

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Baked onions with cream and Parmesan

One of the quickest, and to be fair yummiest, dinners on the planet has to involve buying a ready-roasted chicken from the supermarket rotisserie and eating it with some salad. But, although that’s fine in the summer, in the winter, … Continue reading

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Smoked mackerel dauphinoise

Can you remember the days before the internet? When recipes came in magazines and cookery books or from friends?  When there was no ‘forward slash’, ‘point com’ or ‘punto com’ to be spelled out? I can and I have fond … Continue reading

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Riverford’s butternut squash and sage risotto

I recently had dinner with a friend who declared that she could never cook risotto properly. And, as we discussed the different methods at the table two more of us disagreed on the timings involved, on the reason for the … Continue reading

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Lime and coriander salsa and a failed Nigel Slater recipe

Sometimes the greatest ideas, the most obvious combinations lead to naught. I don’t mind my dinner being a bit rubbish if I haven’t made much effort. But when I have followed a recipe to the letter, not making any substitutions … Continue reading

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Unexpected baked aubergines with cream and basil

Every so often I have a cull of the paper recipes I have collected over the last twenty years. And, when that happens, since I’m usually overwhelmed by the volume of rubbish and unusable ideas that are clogging up my … Continue reading

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Nigel Slater’s baked feta with thyme

In the winter I often bake some cheese; the likes of Vacherin Mont D’Or lends itself beautifully to being shoved in the oven whole, with a bit of white wine poured over it and then eaten with bread or potatoes, … Continue reading

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Roasted tomato and asparagus with basil purée, Parmesan and bacon

June 2011, apparently, has been colder than March. Which means that sometimes though salad seems more seasonal, soup starts to look vaguely attractive. Last night I had it all planned: my friend was coming to stay, I’d got lots of … Continue reading

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