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Afghani chicken: a weeknight saviour

I’m a tad allergic to bits of chicken; you know, bits of chicken that have been chopped up and wrapped in plastic. You would be too if you’d read the description of how they are prepared in Not on the Label; … Continue reading

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Middle-of-the-week walnut and bulgur pilaf

In the middle of the week, when I am not in the mood for faffing, I often turn to something involving couscous or rice, particularly couscous because it’s so damned fast and, with a bit of soft cheese (usually feta … Continue reading

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A year of blogging and a true WTF chicken and chorizo stew

I started this blog just over a year ago, on 1st May 2011 to be precise and, although I have not reached my target of 20 blog posts every month (five days a week put paid to that in January), … Continue reading

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Vietnamese lemongrass chicken: medicine in a wok

Despite this blog’s positive transformation of my cooking and shopping habits I still have days when I can’t be bothered, usually in the dark of winter when I’m feeling a tad melancholy, or work has been uninspiring or, like tonight, … Continue reading

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A salad to make your tastebuds, and eyes, sing

The frost is here, the snow about to arrive and although I love that blue-sky-white-ground contrast I’m starting to crave bright colours and tastes. I’m also in need of some winter salad inspiration. My defaults are red cabbage, apple and … Continue reading

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Improving sausages and mash

Sometimes, in fact a lot of the time in my case, all we want when we get home is something familiar, something that requires very little thought and yet is immensely pleasing. For me, in the winter, that often means … Continue reading

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Baked not stirred: risotto the easy way

It’s post-Christmas leftover central in my fridge right now: there’s blue cheese and Cheddar, too many carrots and parsnips for one person to eat, result of a rather ill-fated decision to succumb to red ‘reduced’ stickers and three half-opened pots … Continue reading

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An easy pre-Christmas pad Thai for the chronically disorganised

I have my Twiglets and my Mini Cheddars. I have stocked up on Roka Cheese Crispies and some delectable smoked duck. I even have a large tin of Quality Street. However, I seem to have missed the Wine Society’s Christmas … Continue reading

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Mushrooms with lemon, garlic, parsley and potato purée

I proofread the new edition of Richard Mabey’s Food For Free last week and I was rather in awe of the number of delicious things that can be had for nothing in the British countryside. First published in 1972 years … Continue reading

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An amazing leek and Parmesan soup

What lingers in your fridge? What are the foodstuffs that you either a) always have too much of and/or b) hang on to because it/they will, of course come in handy at some point? I am guilty of always having … Continue reading

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