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Dan Lepard’s pumpkin and cider farls

When you work on something that’s nearly 600 pages long, you are often very enthusiastic about the initial chapters (Bread and Cakes; hurrah), but completely fed up by the time you get to the final ones (Desserts and Supper; boo). … Continue reading

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Perfect fried rice

After last night‘s very northern, wintry food, I wanted something different tonight, something that would use up the leftover cooked chicken yet taste completely fresh. I was, as ever, expecting a lot. At first I thought of risotto but that … Continue reading

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Blue cheese soup

Ah, the heating is on and it’s time for soup. And this is one of the simplest you will ever make. The name of this reminds me of the Clangers, a British children’s TV programme from the 70s, in which … Continue reading

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Making something out of nothing: Glamorgan sausages

How often do you have an empty fridge, or an almost empty one? Apart from when you move house that is? I used to be really happy when mine was bursting with food but that has changed: perhaps because I’m … Continue reading

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Canteen’s Welsh rarebit

The flip-flops had their revenge. Having called them ignominious yesterday my only pair, a sort of open-air trainer with a good solid sole that is ideal for negotiating London’s pavements and platforms, gave up on me tonight. There I was … Continue reading

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Piperade…or what to cook when the shops are shut

I know it might seem frivolous to write about food when London’s burning but, well, since I am scared out of my life by the proximity and madness of current events, I am focusing on what I can do to … Continue reading

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Salbitxada…or tomato and almond pesto by another name

Is this easy? Yes. Delicious? Absolutely. Unpronounceable. Without a doubt. But I would just concern myself with the first two; you need to know what it tastes like not what it sounds like. Salbitxada comes from the Valls area of … Continue reading

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