Poach my Lobster, or how I started my own cookbook publisher

A long long time ago, in a galaxy far away or, rather, in Cambridgeshire I was given a copy of The Pooh Cook Book. Here it is and there, on the endpapers, is my name and address and proof that I was about 10 when I got it (3R being my third-year in junior school).

The Pooh Cook Book

The post-its are a more recent addition...

The post-its are a more recent addition…

Though I barely cooked anything from it, apart from appallingly hopeless peppermint creams, and though I didn’t know it till many years later, it was the start of a love affair with food, cookbooks and recipes. Now, much MUCH later, I am turning that love into a business. And I want to share how it happened with you, since this blog is so much part of that love.  Continue reading

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The first soup of the winter: romanesco and cheese

I do love cold weather, or at least I do love it when it’s still a novelty, when all the fabulous autumn ingredients fill my head with possible recipes. I love the abundance of different squash, cabbages and apples, I love making stews and cakes and I love that one of the cheapest and quickest dishes in the world, soup, suddenly seems desirable. Continue reading

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A chef’s pan and chicken sofrito

My nephew and godson Matt went to university a month ago and, by all accounts, he is having a blast (not that he’s told ME; hello Matt, are you ever going to reply to your aunt’s text?!). He loves food and cooking and, though I was pretty certain he wouldn’t be eating much other than toast and kebabs in his first term or year, I still thought I should send him off with some useful kit. Continue reading

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The French toast to beat all French toasts

There is breakfast. You know, cereal, toast, porridge, a bit of fruit, yogurt, something grabbed from the coffee shop. Then there is brunch which, as far I am concerned, is just a bigger, often cooked breakfast so waffles, pancakes, eggs Benedict, scones, things that require more effort and are generally eaten at weekends. Then there is this, this being French toast from Plenty More. Continue reading

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Tomato and Parmesan clafoutis

In the week, if I’m home, I aim for two things for dinner: use as little kit as possible, so one-pot, or do as little shopping as possible, so using storecupboard ingredients, or both. It’s partly a question of time, partly that I don’t want to do loads of washing up and partly I want to use up stuff, rather than waste it. And this tomato and Parmesan clafoutis is a marvel on all counts.

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St John’s creamed spinach, aka my LBD vegetable

Yes, it may seem like vegetables have taken over this blog but I have been waiting ALL summer for the weather and light to change so that I can post this. Now that it has I can’t wait any longer.

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Caramelised fennel with goat’s cheese

There aren’t many vegetable dishes which make me want to lick the plate. This is one of them. I’ve made it twice in a week, once as a starter, once for lunch and I’m already craving a third instalment.  Continue reading

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