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Peter Gordon’s Double Chocolate Nut Cookies

The difference between cookies and biscuits is often missed in the UK. Cookies here tend to be a tad too biscuity (in the UK sense of that word) for my liking: too crunchy, too heavy and too thick. A proper … Continue reading

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Comforting Ottolenghi cardamom chicken

Winter hasn’t even begun and the weather is already starting to get on my nerves. In my world the only way to counteract the horrors of dark nights, clocks going back and overhearing endless Christmas muzak is by finding glorious … Continue reading

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WTF Do I Drink Tonight…craft beer, if you have any sense

A long long time ago, in a galaxy far away I worked in a microbrew pub in Paris. It was probably the worst eight months of my life and, although that’s more my fault than Paris’s or the pub’s, I … Continue reading

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Roasted lamb shoulder with lemon zest, chorizo and cannellini beans

North London ran out of pork belly yesterday and Friday. I mean, what is the world coming to when an Islingtonian can’t get their favourite cut of meat? Yes, I am taking the piss out of myself…but when you have … Continue reading

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