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Afghani chicken: a weeknight saviour

I’m a tad allergic to bits of chicken; you know, bits of chicken that have been chopped up and wrapped in plastic. You would be too if you’d read the description of how they are prepared in Not on the Label; … Continue reading

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Comforting Ottolenghi cardamom chicken

Winter hasn’t even begun and the weather is already starting to get on my nerves. In my world the only way to counteract the horrors of dark nights, clocks going back and overhearing endless Christmas muzak is by finding glorious … Continue reading

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A year of blogging and a true WTF chicken and chorizo stew

I started this blog just over a year ago, on 1st May 2011 to be precise and, although I have not reached my target of 20 blog posts every month (five days a week put paid to that in January), … Continue reading

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Vietnamese lemongrass chicken: medicine in a wok

Despite this blog’s positive transformation of my cooking and shopping habits I still have days when I can’t be bothered, usually in the dark of winter when I’m feeling a tad melancholy, or work has been uninspiring or, like tonight, … Continue reading


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Using up leftovers: fried rice with chicken or pork

Did I mention that I am a little obsessed with the likes of coriander, garlic, ginger and spring onions right now? Yes, thought I had. But there is a good reason for it. Last week I cooked pork belly and, … Continue reading

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Roasted poussin, or chicken, with lemon and sumac

I went to a party to celebrate (rather than, as is more usual, launch) Dan Lepard’s Short and Sweet the other night. It took place in the newest Comptoir Libanais, in South Kensington, a very simple yet striking restaurant, canteen-like … Continue reading

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A Proper Chicken Couscous

Couscous, in the summer, is a perfect match for tomatoes, feta, lemon juice and coriander. But in the winter I want what I think of as ‘French’ couscous: some lamb or chicken, cooked slowly in a spicy broth full of … Continue reading

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Chicken Confit, or how to make a rather wet Monday into something special

I love duck confit but I’ve never made it; in fact I tend to avoid making anything involving duck since it makes the oven filthy (or, at least, fatty) for the next six months and if there is one thing … Continue reading

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Rozanne Gold’s Chicken with Crème Fraîche recipe

Some friends came to dinner recently and they were a tad early…early enough for me to lose my last half hour and therefore for them to lose their dessert. As we sat around the table post the lamb tagine, I … Continue reading

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Bill Granger’s Honey Lemon Chicken recipe

It may no longer be 27° in London, the wind and grey skies more reminiscent of autumn than spring, but I still want summer recipes, even if salad seems a bit, well, cold. And when I want something sunny, not … Continue reading

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